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After years of writing online about travel experiences and raising children, I began to crave a forum where I could share ideas unencumbered by a particular theme or topic. I needed a place where I could post great articles about new technology or share my ideas about a topic, whether it relates to travel or not. This is that space.

There are no limits.

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One of my favorite topics is something I refer to as the Culture of TechnologyPeople today have an arsenal of technology tools at their disposal. Some of these tools are mundane, like the remote control. Others, like those rooted in mobile communication technology, are changing the way work is done. Many times technology fails to live up to its potential. Usually this is directly related to the human factor of technology adoption. The angst surrounding the clash of technology and human factors is what I call the Culture of Technology.

This is a place where my passions come together--writing, technology, innovation, music, entertainment, humor, travel, family, politics, religion--no limits. Welcome, enjoy, and please tell me what you think.

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