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Not Quite There Facebook Trivia Challenge

About the Challenge
All questions in the Not Quite There Facebook Trivia Challenge are derived from people, places, or events that are found in the book and on The Road Scholars web site.

Official Rules
Beginning October 1, 2012 multiple choice trivia questions will be posted on the Facebook fan page of The Road Scholars. The “Not Quite There Facebook Trivia Challenge” (hereafter referred to as “the challenge”) is owned and conducted by Sean Genovese Enterprises Inc (“owner”).

The end of the challenge will be announced on the fan page with the question number and closing date and time. Beyond the closing date and time, all answers are considered final for the purpose of challenge eligibility. Trivia responses past the closing date and time are allowed but will not be eligible to win. The Facebook user account with the most correctly answered questions will be named the winner and receive a free, autographed copy of Not Quite There.

In the event of a tie, the final winner will be decided by random selection or a tie breaker round, to be determined at the sole discretion of the challenge owner.

The challenge winner is responsible for providing a mailing address to the challenge owner via private message.

Anyone who has “liked” The Road Scholars Facebook fan page can participate in answering trivia questions. Directors, officers, and employees of Sean Genovese Enterprises Inc. are not eligible to win a free book.

Questions about the challenge should be submitted via private message to The Road Scholars Facebook fan page.

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