Frequently Asked Questions About Our Relocation
Monday, March 18, 2013 at 5:21PM
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Since announcing that we are relocating from Texas (read the last part of the announcement here if you are impatient), I have received a barrage of questions. Some of them I know the answers to, some of them I do not. I thought this would be a good way to keep up with the information. I will update this page as appropriate.

  1. Where are you going?
    We are relocating to the Pacific Northwest, specifically the Puget Sound region of Washington state. I will, ironically, be working out of Renton. We just bought a house in Bothell.

  2. Why?!
    I have accepted a job with the commercial airplane division of my company. The job requires me to relocate.

  3. Is this a promotion?
    Not really, though due to the nature of how the company is spread geographically, there are many more opportunities in Washington than Texas.  Yes.

  4. When?
    Soon! My start date in Washington was May 6 13. The full physical relocation of the household will depend on the sale of our house, which will hopefully be soon. We got on the road May 3 and arrived in the Seattle area on May 10.

  5. Isn't this rather sudden?
    No. As explained in the official announcement, I've been looking for a new opportunity for about a year. I finally found the right one and decided to pursue it!

  6. Are you selling your house? 
    Yes. The sale of our current home directly affects the completion of #4 above. If you know anyone who wants to buy a house in South Texas, have them contact me! Sold it. In a day. Bam.

  7. Do you realize Seattle is the rain capital of the country?
    Actually, it's not. Washington State ranks 29th in total annual rainfall, with many cities easily receiving more rain by volume than Seattle (including Houston).

  8. Do you realize it's gloomy all the time up there?
    Yes. With over 200 "cloudy" days, that is one of our top concerns. But we moved to Texas knowing the weather was not ideal. On the flip side, we'll be saving a load of money on air conditioning, so there's that.

  9. You've said previously that you eventually would like to get back to California. You do realize that Washington is no closer, right?
    Yes, in fact Seattle is almost exactly the same distance from Southern California as San Antonio. However, we will once again be in the same time zone as most of our family and friends. It's also cheaper to fly from Seattle than it is from San Antonio. We have family in the Bay Area, which is much closer. Finally, it turns out we actually know quite a few people in the Pacific Northwest, including at least one Road Scholar. I've also commandeered a few friends of friends. Sorry ELJ, but Scott is now my friend. Y'all had a good run.

  10. Will you be buying a house in Washington?
    Eventually, that is the plan. However, until we can get up there for a homefinding trip and get moving on the sale of our existing home, the timing of all that is currently TBD. We may buy, rent, or shamelessly expose our child-free friends to the joys of parenthood by invading their homes and overstaying our welcome. Done. Moving in mid June.

  11. How are the girls taking the news?
    Each in their own way. Kaitlyn is worried about where she'll sleep. Issa wants daddy to go to the store and buy the new house now (more on them in the Speed Bump Chronicles). And Jen is pretty much freaking out

  12. Will this delay the release of your next book, Speed Bump Chronicles?
    Yes. But on the flip side, it will likely provide quite a bit of enriched content.

  13. Are you flying or driving to Washington?
    We drove. Here is the plan as well as the map of our actutal route from Google Latitude.

  14. When is the homefinding trip?
    The week of April 14th. The Road Scholars Trip Calendar will be kept up to date on all travel plans.

  15. Do you anticipate moving challenges?
    Yes. Already the movers didn't show up the first day they were scheduled. When the closing date of the house changed to a Friday, I found out the movers don't work on Saturday. Now we'll have to extend our stay in the apartment. All minor far.

  16. Are you in your new house yet?
    No. The scheduled closing date is now June 19 21. The move in date will be June 24.

  17. Where are you living now?
    We are living in a corporate apartment in Renton. It's a little bit smaller.

  18. Now that you've been in the apartment for a while, how is everyone doing?
    Can you say "cabin fever?" More details in Issue 1 of "Scaling It Back."

  19. How is the new job going?
    Great! I spent a week getting settled before I went to a Puerto Rico. Arriving late Thursday night, I took Friday off, which gave me a four day weekend and two consecutive four day weeks. Someone has to do it.
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