Since the inception of TRS in 2000, I have written about life "on the road". By plane, train, or automobile, I tell the story of trips; but the real story in each one is about the journey, not the destination. On March 15th, 2008, Daddy's Little Speed Bump was born. 21 months later, Speed Bump Number Two arrived. I thought it fitting to create a place, with a Road Scholars theme, to share this new journey.

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Things K Does: #5


About a month ago I noticed three of my toilets at home were slowly leaking into the bowl. I replaced the ballcock gaskets and that solved the problem. The next day, my wife noticed a puddle in the master bathroom where I made one of the repairs. It turned out the connection to the tank was not as tight as it should have been and when I made the repair, the connection jostled even looser allowing water to slowly drip out.

This morning, as I reported on Twitter, I woke up to a phone call from my wife that it was raining in the kitchen. It turned out the same loose tank connection allowed water to leak from one of the upstairs bathrooms. The water seeped behind the baseboard, through the wall, and onto the ceiling drywall in the kitchen.

All of this was discovered by The Fuzzy Headed Oracle who, upon waking up and beginning her morning routine of walking through the house, entered the kitchen, noticed the wet floor, and finally got to use her new favorite word in the proper context:





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