Since the inception of TRS in 2000, I have written about life "on the road". By plane, train, or automobile, I tell the story of trips; but the real story in each one is about the journey, not the destination. On March 15th, 2008, Daddy's Little Speed Bump was born. 21 months later, Speed Bump Number Two arrived. I thought it fitting to create a place, with a Road Scholars theme, to share this new journey.

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Halloween 2011


My Girls Like To Dance

Sporting some trendy new dance moves, Kaitlyn and Alyssa bust a move in the media room. The girls bring new meaning to "head banging".



Fun With Phrases

Yesterday was a busy day. I left the house before 7AM and didn't get back until almost 9PM. As a result, I didn't see the girls at all, except when I peered into their rooms to catch a glimpse of their peaceful slumber before I went to bed myself. Since I left again this morning before they were awake, by the time I got home this afternoon I hadn't really seen them for nearly 36 hours. I was excited to be home and, as with most weekdays for the past few months, I arrived just in time for my wife to leave for work. As we exchanged hellos and goodbyes, she gave me a quick "state of the house":

  1. Kaitlyn was wearing big girl panties and went potty all day on the toilet like a big girl.
  2. Could you please clean and fill the dog's water dish (like I asked you to do last week)?

Not quite an hour later I was watching a YouTube video about Bob Hope. It was a happy, lighthearted clip. The toddler was kneeling in the chair next to me, leaning against the table. With every new face that appeared on the screen, she wanted to know who it was. "Bob Hope. Barbara Walters. That's Bob Hope again," etc. Suddenly I heard a dripping sound, followed by a small reluctant voice saying "daddy, I need to go pawwwty." Not three minutes prior I had asked her, "do you have to go potty?" and the answer was not simply "no" but "NO!" Feeling less light hearted, it was time for phrase Number 1

I sent the half naked toddler upstairs to get some new pants while I cleaned up the mess. Why can't she ever pee on the tile? After about five minutes she wasn't back yet. I went up to investigate. She was in the closet with the door closed. I uttered phrase Number 4, followed by "Are you KIDDING ME?!" 

I would like to say I remained calm, but we were hurtling towards a Number 6

A little while later, with fresh diapers, both girls were playing together in the play room. I decided to check on them and discovered they migrated to the laundry room. Kaitlyn was getting the dog more food and Alyssa was eating it...again.

It's So Nice When Kaitlyn Feeds The Dog

Did I mention that in between cleaning up the pee on the carpet and discovering the toddler in the closet I cleaned out and refilled the dog's water bowl? Number 7? Anyone?

I just love these evenings I get to spend relaxing with my girls. 

Number 10.


Just Like Me!

Kaitlyn walked for the first time about a month before her first birthday. Alyssa decided to wait until a little after hers. It seems the extra time means a steeper learning curve. The first few steps this morning were anything but timid; she already knows how to pivot. At this rate we'll be running marathons by month's end. Here is a collection of those first few steps, with encouragement and coaxing by her sister to "walk--just like me!"


How I Know My Girls Are Telepathic

It turns out that my daughters can talk to each other; even though one of them can't yet talk. Here's how I know.

When One Sleeps, The Other Awakens

Oh look, it's time for daddy to eat!It never fails. Within minutes of one girl laying down, the other awakens. It's like they have little transponders built in. When the head contacts the pillow a signal gets sent "dee-deet-da-dee-dee-dee-Daddy is alone Daddy is alone WAKE UP! If they're both awake and one goes down, the message changes slightly to "STAY AWAKE Daddy will be alone!".

Alyssa Always Knows When It's Time To Eat

Whether it's a no-brainer like the toaster oven dinging (anyone can figure that out) or the knowledge that a pizza delivery is imminent, the child always knows when it's time for mommy or daddy to eat. She can be the happiest baby on the block or sound asleep, but when dining is about to occur she's, as K would say, "AVAKE"!

They Always Know What Buttons To Push

I'm going to sleep, Issa is on duty.Sometimes this works to my advantage. For example, when there's a program on and daddy gets pulled into a dirty diaper, Kaitlyn always hits the pause button on the remote control. Other times, say at 5AM, she knows which button on the TV will turn on the a reasonable volume (for waking the dead). Or there's Issa who, at 3AM knows how to push daddy's buttons by staying quiet just long enough for him to get back into bed, put his head on the pillow, and start to fall asleep. If she's not telepathic, then she has a camera mounted in my room. And that's just freaky.