Since the inception of TRS in 2000, I have written about life "on the road". By plane, train, or automobile, I tell the story of trips; but the real story in each one is about the journey, not the destination. On March 15th, 2008, Daddy's Little Speed Bump was born. 21 months later, Speed Bump Number Two arrived. I thought it fitting to create a place, with a Road Scholars theme, to share this new journey.

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FAQ About Our Relocation (Speed Bump Edition)

Question (Kaitlyn): But daddy, if we move to Washington, where will we sleep?
Answer: Sweetie, we get to take our stuff with us.

Question (Kaitlyn): But how will we get our stuff on the airplane?
Answer: Well, we're actually going to drive.

Question (Alyssa): Are we taking a school bus to Washington?
Answer: No.

Question (Kaitlyn): How are we going to fit my toys and Hallie in the car?
Answer: A moving truck like this one (showed her matchbox model of a tractor-trailer) will come and they will load all our stuff in so we can take it with us. 

Question (Kaitlyn): But do they have kids in Washington?
Answer: Yes

Question (Kaitlyn): Do they have movie theatres?
Answer: Yes

Last week mommy and daddy flew to Washington to look for a new house. The girls stayed with Grandma Daisy, prompting this line of questioning.

Question (Kaitlyn & Alyssa): Did you find us a house yet?
Answer: Yes

The House

Kaitlyn: Wow, look at those poles holding up the trees!

Once we moved into the temporary corporate apartment...

Question: Where is the rest of it?
Answer: It's a little smaller than our old house, but pretty soon we'll be moving to our new house which will be bigger.


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