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Alyssa's Return To The Hospital

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, and words of encouragement while we deal with Alyssa's recent infection. As most of you know, I collect mugs from my travels: one mug for each state or country visited. Only rarely do I use a mug from my collection. This week I have decided to invoke the luck of the Irish and have been enjoying my morning coffee out of the Ireland mug I bought while in Lurgen two years ago for my grandmother's burial. Call me superstitious, but it worked for Nana for over 80 years. So here's to the fighting Irish. Let's kick the infection's ass.

Here is a timeline of recent events that have led to Alyssa being admitted to the hospital. I will update as events unfold.

Saturday, September 4th
Alyssa has a mild fever. We figured it was due to teething and watched her, giving her Tylenol to keep the temperature down.

Sunday, September 5th
The fever persists and escalates. Alyssa starts getting fussy.

Monday, September 6th
Labor Day, which means her doctor is closed. The fever is consistent for three days and we're having trouble controlling it with normal doses of Tylenol and Motrin. Suspecting an ear infection, we take Issa to the "Doc in a Box" (MedClinic). The doctor reports clear ears and throat and says it's probably a virus, just keep her hydrated.

Sister visits Issa in the Hospital

Tuesday, September 7th
Alyssa's condition deteriorates after her MedClinic visit. The fever spikes to 103 and her demeanor changes drastically. She becomes subdued and listless and spends most of Tuesday night whimpering. She stops eating.

Wednesday, September 8th
After seeing her regular pediatrician, Alyssa goes to the hospital with suspected "infected lymph nodes". The ER takes blood and does a CT scan. Her white blood cell count is significantly elevated and the CT scan confirms a major infection in her lymph nodes, though the ENT specialist does not see an abscess. Three male ER nurses do a fabulous job starting an IV (twice thanks to Issa). She is admitted and responds almost immediately to the fluids, though the doctors warn us she will likely remain in the hospital for three to five days.

Thursday, September 9th
Alyssa's standard IV cocktail includes fluids, an antibiotic (Rocephin), a steroid (Decadron), and an anti-inflammatory (Toradol).

Friday, September 10th
Issa shows signs of improvement. She sleeps most of Thursday night, starts smiling again, and begins to be a bit of herself again. Her fever is gone. The doctor orders her fluids cut back and the Decadron and Toradol are discontinued. She still receives Tylenol orally for pain as needed. Her white cell counts are down slightly and depending on the counts over the next 48 hours, she may go home as early as Sunday.

Saturday, September 11th
A bit of a setback. Bloodwork shows almost no change in Issa's white cell count. She didn't sleep overnight and the swelling in her neck seems to have gotten worse. The ENT examines her and declares that the nodes are no longer stiff, which is an indication of puss. Surgery may now be necessary to drain the infected lymph nodes. A Sunday discharge is out, Friday is looking more likely. More blood work and another CT scan will tell us more.


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Reader Comments (4)

I am so, so sorry about all this. My prayers are with you all.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSandy Runkle

It sounds as though the medical staff did an awesome job...everything sounds great. And not to worry on the pain meds.I LOVE Toradol as a drug and I gave Morphine, more times than I'd care to remember on children in Haiti and they did just fine!! They felt great!! Hope the tubes are out soon and she can go home!

September 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMeghan

Our Prayers to you all,,She will be a Amazingly Strong woman!! Bless you all..

September 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKathy Young

We heard from Regan about Issa and we are so happy for you she is doing well. God bless.

Randy & TJ

November 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRandy & TJ dobbs

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