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What is RSS?


I'm glad you asked, because RSS, or "Really Simple Syndication", is helping me deliver content to you better, whether it's a story about my latest trip at The Road Scholars or my new musings on technology on the Sean Genovese Blog. Until recently, if you wanted to find out if there was anything new to read on one of my blogs, you had to either visit the site on the web and look, or sign up for The Road Scholars mailing list and wait for my email. Now you can bring new content that you want to read directly to you via RSS. This is great news if you
  • Don't like to have your inbox flooded with email
  • Change email addresses frequently
  • Can't access certain sites or email clients at work
  • Don't want to be bothered checking dozens of web sites for information you care about
  • Love reading TRS updates as quickly as they are written
Check out this brief video for more information on how RSS works.
If you are a Road Scholars fan, here's how RSS can work for you. There are currently three blogs I publish:
There is actually a fourth one called TRS News. This is what gets published at the main Road Scholars homepage and what you see if you are subscribed to the TRS mailing list. Whenever I post something new to one of the blogs, I simulcast a snippet on TRS News.
Each of the four blogs also has it's own RSS feed, so by using an RSS reader, you can subscribe to all of the feeds, or only the ones that interest you (so if you like everything listed above, I suggest the TRS News feed since it is the most comprehensive).
Here are the RSS feed links to the four blogs mentioned above:
If you already use RSS, none of this is news to you and all I've done here is provide you with a one stop shop for all the TRS feeds you may be interested in. If you're not using RSS, I hope you'll check it out. It's not just for The Road Scholars, you can also subscribe to your favorite sports scores, weather reports, news headlines...anything that has a feed!