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Your 2011 Christmas Letter

This year I came to the realization that the real function of the annual Christmas letter tradition is to answer questions I did not ask. In an effort to be more polite—and streamline the process—here is a list of questions I have for all of you. Please use this as cause for keeping those precious holiday gems coming. And remember—it’s not a resume or golf, so the more pages or the higher the word count, the better!

  1. How was your year?
  2. Where is your entire family employed? Please include their level of job satisfaction.
  3. Could you please elaborate about some of the more mundane aspects of your life e.g., number of pets, exercise regimens, daily routines?
  4. During the past year, have you or a member of your family:
    • Purchased a new primary residence?
    • Purchased a new rental property?
    • Purchased land?
    • Purchased, rented, or leased a vacation property?
    • Purchased, rented, or leased a new car?
    • Purchased, rented, or leased a recreational vehicle?
  5. If you answered “yes” to any part of question 4, please describe in detail how often you or a member of your family utilized each applicable item.
  6. Does any member of your family have any new revenue streams you feel I should be aware of?
  7. Did you take any trips this year…
    • For business?
    • For pleasure?
  8. Did anyone come to visit you (please leave no visits out, no matter how brief or seemingly insignificant. If the mail carrier delivered a package and said more than “sign here”, include it here).
  9. Are there any talents or abilities in your family you would like to gloat about share?
  10. Did you or anyone in your family work hard this past year?
  11. Are you or anyone in your family planning to work hard next year?
  12. With so many people still struggling in the current economic environment, it’s important to know that people who can afford more still have problems too. Please provide examples of any problems or struggles you may have had this past year with:
    • Travel (other than business)
    • Non owner-occupied homes you own (including sellers, buyers, renters, and squatters)
    • Vacation homes you own, rent, or share
    • Inclement weather or travel delays during an extravagant trip
    • Recreational vehicles you rent or own

Lastly, don't forget to sign off with a secular greeting. We wouldn't want Jesus to detract from the core message of your letter.