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Teresa Hoffman

I met Teresa at Cal Poly working for Associated Students Incorporated (ASI). As graduation loomed closer for both of us, I began looking for a job and Teresa applied to the Peace Corps. As I departed for Lugano, Switzerland to work with very privileged children from around the world, Teresa left for Uganda to work with kids with some very different needs than what I would experience. Just before she left, Teresa started sending out Road Scholar style email updates to her friends and family. 

I knew Teresa for five years before we parted ways, and I always knew she was an extraordinary person. What I didn't know is that she is also an extraordinary writer. After her first couple of updates, I asked her if she would mind allowing me to syndicate her updates to the TRS mailing list. As you might imagine, Teresa's experiences in Uganda tend to be quite different from my experiences in places like New Jersey or Lugano, but occasionally she does find herself in some very TRS style dilemmas--like the bank ATM that wouldn't let her have her money. All of her experiences will touch your heart and I recommend taking some time to read about Teresa's journey. She's never traveled personally with me or Chris, so I can't bestow official Road Scholar status on her, but Teresa is certainly the Most Honorable of the Honorary Road Scholars.