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Meghan Gamble


a.k.a. Nurse Meghan
a.k.a. Thelma
a.k.a. My High School Prom Date
It was tough deciding on just one picture for Meghan's TRS profile that embodies all of who she is.I could have used our prom picture, the one where I left my sunglasses on, at her request.  Or I could have used the one where she and cohort "Louise" came to visit me at Cal Poly, sporting purple nail polish and showing off the ability to tie a cherry with their tongues.  Or there's the most prevalent picture of Meghan I have, with her mouth wide open in an expression that says "that is SO not true!" Or how about the one of Meghan in Switzerland, wearing pajamas and glasses and painting her nails while a fellow CDE counselor lay beside her, passed out drunk?  Meghan is definitely one of our more...robust...Road Scholars. 
She is also the world's greatest procrastinator, which is why I think this one sums her up nicely.  I took it while we vacationed together in Venice after our summer at TASIS.  While you can see Meghan calmly taking it all in, what you can't see is what she's supposed to be doing.  I can promise you it isn't what she's doing at the moment...ever.  TRS is tickled to count her among the ranks, the only Road Scholar with more stamps in her passport than me.