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Mark Wasilewski

The always elusive Mark preferred not to pose for pictures.

Mark is about as good as it gets when it comes to traveling companions. He's easy going, likes to travel, and never turns down a beer. He is also bear-friendly (if you look closely, he's the one holding up a tipsy Hal). Mark was an expat from Philadelphia working in Gosport with me. After Jen flew back to the states, he and I were essentially two single guys trying to make the most of a foreign assignment by doing as much sightseeing as possible. And see the sights we did: Bath, Stonehenge, London, Barcelona, Paris--Although our time together was relatively short, Mark definitely became part of The Road Scholars family. His influence on me was so great, I have adopted his signature phrase as my own mantra both on and off the road. You can thank Mark if you ever hear me say (in my best Philly accent) "it all works out in the end."