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Luca Furnare


a.k.a. Luca Man Child
a.k.a. The LMC
a.k.a. El Jefe
a.k.a. Supervisor LMC
Luca and I met in college where we worked together at the bookstore in the computer department. If Apple really wanted to get serious about making a "Mac Versus PC" commercial, they would have contacted us. For some reason at our daily "Tea Time" at Cal Poly, our friend Travis gave Luca the monikor "Luca Man Child", and from then on he became "The LMC". Luca was the first employee of SLO Delivery, a fictional offshoot of SG Enterprises specializing in fraternity initiation deliveries for Alpha Rho Chi. His valiant efforts earned him the title "El Jefe" (and he calls me "El Presidente" since I am the President of SLO Delivery's parent company).


When the LMC turned 21, he and I took a road trip to Vegas. In 2004, just before I started working for Boeing, we decided another "road trip" was in order and we both met in Seattle (via plane). At the time, he was finishing his graduate degree in Idaho, but he would soon be making Seattle his permanent home and begin working as an Agricultural Inspector for Customs and Border Protection in the Emerald City. After his promotion to Supervisor in 2009, he became "Supervisor LMC". Throughout the years, whenever my business travels take me to the Pacific Northwest, I take great comfort and joy in knowing The LMC awaits me. A good time always follows.