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Laurie Genovese

a.k.a. Miss Daisy
a.k.a. Daisy


Ever since I learned to drive, my mom has abdicated the privilege to me whenever we go anywhere together. Even if she's dropping me off at the airport, I'll drive there and drop myself off, then she takes the car.  She's also made a bit of a name for herself in the family because whenever she sits in the front passenger seat on a drive, she'll invariably attempt to bring the car to a stop with the imaginary brake pedal in front of her.  

Over the years my siblings and I have tried to coach her on how to be a better passenger, after all, her anxiety is unfounded since none of us has ever crashed with her in the car!  Our efforts are evident when, in an effort not to be a distracting "back seat driver", she'll silently tense up her entire body, attempt to slam her foot through the floor, and nonchalantly grab onto the "oh shit" handles as if a giant vacuum cleaner were trying to suck her out of the car.  

If more than two people are riding in the car, we usually put mom in the back seat. Sometimes if it's just the two of us, I'll still put mom in the back seat.  That's why we call her Miss Daisy.  And because Daisy Duck is a Disney character, we aren't even breaking the rules