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Katerina Voitik


a.k.a. Kat

Like my friend Teresa, I also met Kat at Cal Poly while working for ASI. In 2004, a year after I graduated, Kat decided to "study abroad" in New Orleans, Louisiana. Once again, I discovered a talent in one of my friends of which I was not previously aware. After a few of Kat's email updates to friends and family, I asked her if I could help with distribution. "Kat In The NO" was the first official "blog" TRS ever syndicated. I previously relied mainly on the email distribution list to tell my stories, sometimes posting the updates on the trs web site along with pictures. Kat In the NO introduced TRS to the blog format and we thank her for it. Ironically, a year later, Hurricane Katrina (which is how Katerina is pronounced by the way) would make a name for itself in the history books.