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Jessica Tabor-Fritch

The year was 1997. On a Saturday in the Fall, I reported for duty at El Corral bookstore in the computer department. The Saturday Supervisor's name was Jessica. Like me, she was a student and, like me, she was sarcastic with a dry sense of humor. Though her declared major was English, she is a student of popular culture. To say we were best of friends that first day would be gruesomely overstating the case, but over the last ten plus years she has definitely made it in the top five.

In 2003 Jessica moved to New York to try something different. Since then she has made trying something different a hobby, traveling frequently to other countries and states, taking classes, and always keeping in touch. Most recently she has taken up photography. Her photo-journalistic contributions, sense of adventure, and persistent desire to try something new personify The Road Scholars credo that the adventure is the journey, not the destination and for that I am pleased to consider her an Honorary Road Scholar. 

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