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Jennifer Genovese

a.k.a. Belle
a.k.a. Pie

Jen and I met at McCarthy's Irish Pub in San Luis Obispo, California. If I had been on a trip instead of just hanging out at a local bar with a buddy, our meeting would surely have been worthy of a TRS update. She and her friend essentially pushed me and my friend out of our seats. It would have been rude had she not married me three years later.

As one might imagine, we have subsequently had several opportunities to travel together, sharing in the full gamut of Road Scholar experiences. In this respect I can say that Jen was born to be a Road Scholar--and I'm not just saying that because her maiden name is Rhoades. You can read about many of our adventures here

Every Road Scholar seems to have "a thing." Call it style, panache, reputation--there's usually something that stands out about them, at least to me. With Jen, it's definitely her attention to detail. Road signs, billboards, fire trucks, helicopters, skywriters--it seems the larger the message the less likely it is for her to see it. Casual observers will often overhear me saying "read ALL the words, dear."