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Hal Genovese

a.k.a. Halloween Genovese
a.k.a. Halapeno
a.k.a. Mr. Peno

Perhaps one of the most well known Road Scholars, Mr. Peno is certainly the most well traveled.  I first met Hal when Jen brought him home from Barnes & Noble. It was after Halloween and since he was clad in an orange Jack-O-Lantern costume, he was on sale. It turns out the costume is permanent, so he's often seen wearing his blue "Daddy's Little All Star" onesie, which provides a more all-season Cosmopolitan look.

Hal is a consummate tourist and in addition to a multitude of domestic destinations, he has traveled abroad to England, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Germany, and Austria. TRS is proud to consider him an official Road Scholar and I wouldn't be surprised to see a few books with his name on them sitting on the shelves of his Alma Mater someday soon.