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Andrea Cortés-Beltrán

a.k.a. Work Wife

The ranks of Official Road Scholars has grown over the years, and while many can say they've known me longer, few can say they have travelled farther with me. Andrea even gives Road Scholar Chris a run for his money. Between May and September of 2014, we covered over 33,000 miles together travelling for work. That's more than three times the distance travelled during the Y2KRTE (and that's including the flight to the east coast)! 

It's no wonder we get along so well--while Andrea grew up in Guadalajara, Mexico, she was born in the Great State of Texas. I didn't think much of our introduction in the Spring of 2013, but over the next 18 months she would prove herself to be a talented engineer, a reliable colleague, and a more than worthy work wife...not to mention a natural Road Scholar. Whether it's last minute analysis for a meeting, bringing extra snacks for a long flight, or dragging me out to make sure we take in some of the local sites even after an exhausting day of working, I count on Andrea to always have my back. She's even proven herself to be one of my best copilots. While that may not be saying much, TRS is proud to have Andrea among the "official" ranks. 

This is, however, about the only time I let her drive.